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Got sick, damn it

Well, Wednesday and Thursday i have done literally nothing.

I was really sick with my throat and was feeling dizzy all the time.

So i feel like i missed a lot. But sometimes it is cool not to think about your project for several days to come back with new strengths.

I made two images – one for darker color and one for lighter – for screen printing. Will give it a try on Wednesday.

Trying things in Print Studio.

During the weekend i have done research about Morse Code and research in clubs at some techno parties. Sounds cool, yeah?

I understood i like venues which are not easy to find and which have atmosphere. Where comes people ‘in the know’ and DJ doesn’t play pop stuff. Ofc there are some freaks but they are so adorable. On the other hand, in some places i was so disappointed because it was super crowded WHAT I HATE and just not comfortable to be there for a long time. When in places i described first you  can stay all night long.

I have done photographs and put words written in Morse Code on some of them. My words were:







To write them i used that image – How to read Morse code (click)

There is the sample of image i got:

techno beat

Advises from technicians in DMS and Print Studio helped to make image not that heavy as during printmaking it could turned just one colour. And i would definitely do that mistake on my own.

So, some images i got in Printmaking Studio:






But the most interesting image i got was when i put two layers of different ink and slightly moved the image before second layer:



I got feedback from Ameet on my  images and he said i could make two different screens of the same image to play with layers even more.

i would like to try that. But not sure i am going to use that image for my outcome.

So during Wednesday and Thursday i should think how i can represent my idea in a different way, in a different media.

I intend to do animation.

Work in progress presentation, what we have

After presentation i feel a bit more calm inside, because i think i am going quite okay.

Yes, i have that feeling that i could have done a lot a lot more. But i saw that people in my group together with me, we are all on the same stage. Plus or minus. Research done. More work should be done (by than i mean trying stuff).

I was suggested:

– to do animation without the sound. I liked that idea, maybe i would try it out;

– to look at Daft Punk video ‘ Around the World’ (beats made physically);

– Laban choreography. No idea, will look;

– and analogue with with radio when you search the station, visual aspect of it.

What i am feeling i should do?

I am gonna look all suggestions and i need to make more stuff. At the end of next week i should be clear what i am doing.

I am thinking to visit workshop as well, because i have a feeling it will push me forward.

Where i am so far?

At this stage during my research i used books about typography like ‘Handmade Type Workshop’ by Charlotte Rivers, where i saw the interesting idea of using clothes and body to recreate type. I tried to experiment with my duvet so it moves together with the music (pictures 1, 2). I think to push this idea forward and to make it shape letters which will form the word SLEEP, for example.

picture 1

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

picture 2

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

I used a lot Cynthia Rose’s ‘Design after dark: the story of dancefloor style’ book. I took interesting examples of design from there. And the book itself is just cool.

I discovered the new artist for me – Jeremy Deller. Some of his projects are also about sound and i liked the way he sees things. And sense of humor in his works.

I experimented with doing doing letters from pasta, so you can see move (picture 3) and i tried design letters (picture 4).

picture 3


picture 4


Big inspiration was ‘Design for Dance Collaboration 2015’. Each performance was bringing its own mood, idea, decorations… What can be more powerful than music and dance?


According to my Action Plan next week i should start making my final piece. So now i believe i should concentrate totally on experiments. It is enough with research. I need reflection to this research now.

The more ideas i have more choices there will be.

Jeremy Deller, Acid Brass, 1997

“Based on the connections I made in The History of the World, I decided to try to get a brass band to agree to perform a repertoire of acid house music. I was terrified of ringing up the bandleader of the Williams Fairey Band to ask if he would do this. I thought it would take lots of convincing and explaining – but he agreed immediately. He just said, “All right, we’ll do it. We’ll do it once and see how it goes”, Which is exactly the attitude you want. So we performed it once, and it went really well, and we continued to perform it. The experience taught me a lot about working with the public. I realised that I didn’t have to make objects anymore. I could just do these sort of events, make things happen, work with people and enjoy it. I could do these messy, free-ranging, open-ended projects, and that freed me up from thinking about being an artist in a traditional sense. I had been liberated by a brass band.”

Monday tutorial

Today’s tutorial left me with important thoughts which i will document here:

  • to look at the section in library – ‘motion in design‘;
  • comics. dialogues there have world wide known style and reflect sounds as well;
  • LAYERS! I should take complicated sounds or music tracks and divide them into layers;
  • should it be electronic music? maybe not?

Speaking about the sound…

Ladies and gentlemen,

Kinetic Typography – Pulp Fiction

Such a great example how to transform dialog with different tones of speech into visual communication. Typography shouts, makes excuses… omg that’s terrific.

One more example of the same scene. Still typography but made differently:

Pulp Fiction Typography – Breakfast scene


These two versions of the same thing made me think to record sounds in particular place or maybe places in different time of the day. For example, i could go on Oxford Circus street at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Update: Project Proposal

Finally, i am done with my project proposal writing.

Title of my project will be ‘TYPE THE BEAT’. I think it reflects the project idea quite well.

Idea is to explore particular electronic music genre (i am thinking to pick up techno) and to see how sound can be reflected through type and words.

Sounds exciting. At least for me. Tomorrow i have to present it and will see how is my concept is going so far.

Wanted to share latest inspirations:

(1) Gert Dumbar poster, 1989

Dark and experimental design of Gert Dumbar poster gives me mood of my project


(2) Select your network, P. Scott Makela

Close feelings to Dumbar’s work mentioned above

select your network, p. scott makela

(3) Paul Sahre


paul SAHRE

(4) Kari Piippo

Smart and great


(5) Mike Perry

mike perry