During the Easter, final idea for my FMP

During the break i shot my video materials which i would like to present as my outcome.

While thinking of music i could not to think about moves. Maybe because i was dancing for three years before coming to London.

I think human body is so attractive when it moves. The shapes it creates are naturally beautiful.

So i wanted to put letters on different body parts and to see how letter can be transformed while particular body part is moving.

I asked my friend to help me with that. Half of the alphabet i was lucky to do in a studio with good lightning and background, but another half i had to finish at home.

There are some pictures of the letters:



(O) which transformed in (Q) occasionally





IMG_4193 IMG_4194





Some letters were more interesting some less. Because the process was very experimental and often i was surprised how cool letter form can move.

Things which are concerning me now:

1. Should it be video or a booklet

2. Should i use all letters or just some of them

3. Final soundtrack (maybe letters can form a word?)

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