In the right place at the right time

Today i visited  W H I T E  C U B E  Bermondsey gallery for the very first time.

Фото 21.03.15, 15 28 31

There is Christian Marclay’s exhibition going on. He has interest in relationship between image and sound. And that is very close to my FMP subject. So it was big interest from my side.

Works that feature onomatopoeia taken from comic books:

Фото 21.03.15, 14 32 20

Фото 21.03.15, 14 34 18

Фото 21.03.15, 14 34 46


But really nuts was a large-scale video installation projected across four walls. It was pushing these images further making them travel around the walls.

Фото 21.03.15, 15 27 06

Фото 21.03.15, 15 24 37

p.s. video there wasn’t allowed so hopefully with that image you could get an idea.

I feel that that charged me to produce new stuff different from previous Morse code.

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