Trying things in Print Studio.

During the weekend i have done research about Morse Code and research in clubs at some techno parties. Sounds cool, yeah?

I understood i like venues which are not easy to find and which have atmosphere. Where comes people ‘in the know’ and DJ doesn’t play pop stuff. Ofc there are some freaks but they are so adorable. On the other hand, in some places i was so disappointed because it was super crowded WHAT I HATE and just not comfortable to be there for a long time. When in places i described first you  can stay all night long.

I have done photographs and put words written in Morse Code on some of them. My words were:







To write them i used that image – How to read Morse code (click)

There is the sample of image i got:

techno beat

Advises from technicians in DMS and Print Studio helped to make image not that heavy as during printmaking it could turned just one colour. And i would definitely do that mistake on my own.

So, some images i got in Printmaking Studio:






But the most interesting image i got was when i put two layers of different ink and slightly moved the image before second layer:



I got feedback from Ameet on my  images and he said i could make two different screens of the same image to play with layers even more.

i would like to try that. But not sure i am going to use that image for my outcome.

So during Wednesday and Thursday i should think how i can represent my idea in a different way, in a different media.

I intend to do animation.

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