Work in progress presentation, what we have

After presentation i feel a bit more calm inside, because i think i am going quite okay.

Yes, i have that feeling that i could have done a lot a lot more. But i saw that people in my group together with me, we are all on the same stage. Plus or minus. Research done. More work should be done (by than i mean trying stuff).

I was suggested:

– to do animation without the sound. I liked that idea, maybe i would try it out;

– to look at Daft Punk video ‘ Around the World’ (beats made physically);

– Laban choreography. No idea, will look;

– and analogue with with radio when you search the station, visual aspect of it.

What i am feeling i should do?

I am gonna look all suggestions and i need to make more stuff. At the end of next week i should be clear what i am doing.

I am thinking to visit workshop as well, because i have a feeling it will push me forward.

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