Where i am so far?

At this stage during my research i used books about typography like ‘Handmade Type Workshop’ by Charlotte Rivers, where i saw the interesting idea of using clothes and body to recreate type. I tried to experiment with my duvet so it moves together with the music (pictures 1, 2). I think to push this idea forward and to make it shape letters which will form the word SLEEP, for example.

picture 1

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picture 2

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I used a lot Cynthia Rose’s ‘Design after dark: the story of dancefloor style’ book. I took interesting examples of design from there. And the book itself is just cool.

I discovered the new artist for me – Jeremy Deller. Some of his projects are also about sound and i liked the way he sees things. And sense of humor in his works.

I experimented with doing doing letters from pasta, so you can see move (picture 3) and i tried design letters (picture 4).

picture 3


picture 4


Big inspiration was ‘Design for Dance Collaboration 2015’. Each performance was bringing its own mood, idea, decorations… What can be more powerful than music and dance?


According to my Action Plan next week i should start making my final piece. So now i believe i should concentrate totally on experiments. It is enough with research. I need reflection to this research now.

The more ideas i have more choices there will be.

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