Update: Project Proposal

Finally, i am done with my project proposal writing.

Title of my project will be ‘TYPE THE BEAT’. I think it reflects the project idea quite well.

Idea is to explore particular electronic music genre (i am thinking to pick up techno) and to see how sound can be reflected through type and words.

Sounds exciting. At least for me. Tomorrow i have to present it and will see how is my concept is going so far.

Wanted to share latest inspirations:

(1) Gert Dumbar poster, 1989

Dark and experimental design of Gert Dumbar poster gives me mood of my project


(2) Select your network, P. Scott Makela

Close feelings to Dumbar’s work mentioned above

select your network, p. scott makela

(3) Paul Sahre


paul SAHRE

(4) Kari Piippo

Smart and great


(5) Mike Perry

mike perry

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