Cyanotype process

I am so excited to tell you about cyanotype printmaking technique. which i occasionally discovered when was visiting The Curve – Walead Beshty’s exhibition in Barbican centre. He made an epic work comprising more than 12,000 cyanotypes (picture below so you could see the scale).

Фото 06.12.14, 13 29 11

There is an idea:

1. prepare cyanotype emulsion. you should first mix up A and B separately and then together.

A – 25 grams ferric ammonium citrate + 100 ml water

B – 10 grams potassium ferricyanide +100 ml water

2. coat sheet of paper with the emulsion

3. let paper to dry in the dark

4. place objects whatever you want on the paper and expose the paper using light (sunny day is the best way, we used light box as weren’t lucky with sunshine)

Фото 06.12.14, 14 17 09

Фото 06.12.14, 14 39 27


5. after 10 min on good sunshine wash the paper in the tray of water

Фото 06.12.14, 14 43 43

6. dry

It is so amazing to see how your object will expose on the paper. I will put my result below. I would definitely would like to continue experiments with cyanotype at home in future.

So here it is:



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