It is not easy to receive critics of your work.

Definitely, it helps you to grow. Especially when it is constructive. By that i mean when person can explain why he/she thinks so. And i am totally for it.

But when you receive just written things people didn’t like – it’s harder. You start to think why and somehow it brings down. Especially, when no good feedback is there.

People should criticize you, but they shouldn’t be lazy to say why.

Always be wide in your thoughts, you help people to grow.


The word “delay”

Yesterday i went out to take pictures for my word “delay” given on communication project. I just took the first bus that arrived to Paddington station. It was so rainy day and i wish i could keep moving in the bus forever. Bus was moving really slowly, with a lot of stops during which you could see after people almost killing each other with their umbrellas… If i was going any specific place i would delay 100%, so below you can see how i would illustrate the word delay.

Anselm Kiefer

Today i visited the exhibition of Anselm Kiefer at the Royal Academy of Arts. I certainly recommend it to everyone who loves painting. I was so impressed by his large scale works, where he uses number of materials like acrylic paintings, ash, sand, clay, dried sunflower etc. That makes his works look 3D. And the way he puts paint on canvas, i saw big emotion behind it.

I would like to share some pictures from there of works i liked the most.


The Orders of the Night



Osiris and Isis

Lapis Philosophorum