first draft of the ABC video

I made first edit of the ABC video. It is still very raw, as i was watching it today with the fresh morning head i noticed some weaknesses:

1) colors! by that i mean that picture looks not bright enough. video needs some effects to be applied and 2) in some parts of the video shots change should be faster.

Would be great if you would leave your comments as well.





I received some feedback from my friends whom i showed the video.

They both didn’t mention any of my comments. They suggested 1) to make another ending – make a word from letters in the end and it was pretty much it.

Final of my FMP

Well, obviously that’s it. Hand in day is today.

I didn’t manage to do my video on time and preferred to spend last day in Printmaking studio as i think video idea with letters on body doesn’t show my initial idea that good as print screens.

I need more time to understand what i want this video to be. But i will finish it anyway and more likely it already will be another project. I think i have shot some interesting clips and i don’t want them to disappear.

But all critical statements were right and i am happy to present my techno screen prints.

That is the end of my FMP but not the end of the blog.

Stay tuned.

You can never get enough of screen prints

Free day on Wednesday i decided to go to print studio to try out the idea with two screens (one for lighter color and one for darker).

I picked up more abstract image with ‘techno beat’ written in Morse code:


For the first screen prints i was using the following one:


And i am still thinking, shouldn’t i chose this one better:


I got some interesting images:

small 06

small 09 (!)

small 10

small 01

Yes the image on them is harder to get, but it gave some interesting results, especially the yellow one which is my favorite.

And the idea of two layers was totally worth it to try. Cool to see how mix of two colors made interesting combinations with different paper.

Reflection on my idea about the video

Reaction of my teachers was a bit concerning.

I saw that idea doesn’t work.

I think mainly because i haven’t yet made the video and couldn’t show them the final result.

Their main concerns were:

– does it show the project idea?

– to see the close ups of body is a bit disturbing

How could i make it better:

– radio station switching and change of music styles

– cut the letters closer, so only letter can be seen

During the Easter, final idea for my FMP

During the break i shot my video materials which i would like to present as my outcome.

While thinking of music i could not to think about moves. Maybe because i was dancing for three years before coming to London.

I think human body is so attractive when it moves. The shapes it creates are naturally beautiful.

So i wanted to put letters on different body parts and to see how letter can be transformed while particular body part is moving.

I asked my friend to help me with that. Half of the alphabet i was lucky to do in a studio with good lightning and background, but another half i had to finish at home.

There are some pictures of the letters:



(O) which transformed in (Q) occasionally





IMG_4193 IMG_4194





Some letters were more interesting some less. Because the process was very experimental and often i was surprised how cool letter form can move.

Things which are concerning me now:

1. Should it be video or a booklet

2. Should i use all letters or just some of them

3. Final soundtrack (maybe letters can form a word?)

Start with kinetic typography

First thing i thought of was actually louver shutters in my room.

I immediately thought about them as they can make the word to disappear and appear again.

So that’s what I’ve got in pictures:

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

And i tried to edit a video of cuts i shot:


One terrible mistake i realized after, i was holding my camera vertically in a lot of small episodes and it ruined the whole picture.

But it was nice experiment tho. I really like to see the word disappearing and  window background coming on the front. And this small clip helps to see it from different angle than pictures.

For the final piece i want to see letters on the human body moving together with the music i will pick.

I am going to ask my friend to be my model and to experiment how parts of our body can make letters dance.

Tutorial before Easter break

Tutorial with my personal tutor helped me a lot.

It was important part before going on freewheeling during the Easter.

We discussed my experiments and came to conclusion that it is all going to Kinetic Type. My next step is to make typographic movie experiments and to abstract the type.

I feel excited about that and it gives me confidence what i am going to do next.

In the right place at the right time

Today i visited  W H I T E  C U B E  Bermondsey gallery for the very first time.

Фото 21.03.15, 15 28 31

There is Christian Marclay’s exhibition going on. He has interest in relationship between image and sound. And that is very close to my FMP subject. So it was big interest from my side.

Works that feature onomatopoeia taken from comic books:

Фото 21.03.15, 14 32 20

Фото 21.03.15, 14 34 18

Фото 21.03.15, 14 34 46


But really nuts was a large-scale video installation projected across four walls. It was pushing these images further making them travel around the walls.

Фото 21.03.15, 15 27 06

Фото 21.03.15, 15 24 37

p.s. video there wasn’t allowed so hopefully with that image you could get an idea.

I feel that that charged me to produce new stuff different from previous Morse code.

welcome to the blog of graphic designer in the making. would like to start with slogan i try to apply to my life everyday: 'wherever you are, be there entirely'

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